Software is eating the world

A software is a program that links hardware to a user and makes the computer accessible and easier to use.These programs include instructions written in binary language and make it possible to interact with a computer. The lowest programming level consists of instructions for CPU and GPU.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the future

The process of marketing through internet is called digital marketing. But it also includes mobile phone and display advertising.Display ads utilize banners or ads made of images, text, flash, video and audio.Their main purpose is supporting brand awareness while also increasing the purchase intention of consumers.   

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is going to be our partner, if we use it right.

AI stands for Artificial Intelligent. It is not a system. It is executed in the system. Artificial Intelligent means how to train machines like computers to do actions like humans and sometimes better than them.

Machine learning (ML) is a subdivision of artificial intelligence. Machine learning is the scientific study of algorithms and statistical techniques that computer systems use to carry out a particular assignment successfully without utilizing specific guidelines, depending on samples and induction.

Data Analysis

Data really powers everything that we do. The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.

Data analytics is the way toward analyzing informational indexes to reach determinations about the data they contain, progressively with the guide of particular frameworks and programming. Data analytics technologies and techniques are generally utilized in business enterprises to empower associations to settle on progressively educated business choices and by researchers and analysts to check or refute logical models, speculations, and theories.